Results using Helena Rubinstein eye cream

I have been a skincare product enthusiast since I was 16 (now 31).  My first moisturiser was from Helena Rubinstein - Hydra Collagenist, which I still buy - I think it’s the only one I buy; the rest of my moisturisers are gifted! Its an absolutely gorgeous product for many reasons: it hydrates skin, reduces the appearance of dehydration and fine lines and  contains collagen (doh!-it's in the name) which great for firming and smoothing the skin. Collagen can also act as a healing agent - wait I have proof of it! I used to apply that moisturiser after waxing my upper lip and the redness disappeared after ten minutes. Well this is not how the cream is supposed to work but I always waxed in the morning and I applied the cream afterwards. I am talking in the past tense and this is because I lasered my hairs. I occasionally use the waxing strips -once every 2-3 months as my hair grows faster after giving birth. Enough about this! I am here to tell you that Helena Rubinstein

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Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Constantina (Tina for short) and this is my sanctuary. I am 31 years old and I am obsessed with skincare and beauty products. I love trying different brands and new products. Friends have been asking my opinion about products and sometimes I just forgot how I found them or how my skin reacted to them, thus the blog!  Why Belle’s Secret? Belle from ‘Beauty and the beast’! She was well known for her beauty but her skincare routine is kept a secret.. so let’s figure it out together!  I would love to give advice (if I can) or let you know my opinion about certain products so don’t be afraid to ask questions and I promise to be honest!  Thanks for stopping by!